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astroML.time_series.generate_power_law(N, dt, beta, generate_complex=False, random_state=None)

Generate a power-law light curve

This uses the method from Timmer & Koenig [R20]

Parameters :

N : integer

Number of equal-spaced time steps to generate

dt : float

Spacing between time-steps

beta : float

Power-law index. The spectrum will be (1 / f)^beta

generate_complex : boolean (optional)

if True, generate a complex time series rather than a real time series

random_state : None, int, or np.random.RandomState instance (optional)

random seed or random number generator

Returns :

x : ndarray

the length-N


[R20](1, 2) Timmer, J. & Koenig, M. On Generating Power Law Noise. A&A 300:707