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11.11.2. astroML.lumfunc.binned_Cminus

astroML.lumfunc.binned_Cminus(x, y, xmax, ymax, xbins, ybins, normalize=False)[source]

Compute the binned distributions using the Cminus method

Parameters :

x : array_like

array of x values

y : array_like

array of y values

xmax : array_like

array of maximum x values for each y value

ymax : array_like

array of maximum y values for each x value

xbins : array_like

array of bin edges for the x function: size=Nbins_x + 1

ybins : array_like

array of bin edges for the y function: size=Nbins_y + 1

normalize : boolean

if true, then returned distributions are normalized. Default is False.

Returns :

dist_x, dist_y : ndarrays

distributions of size Nbins_x and Nbins_y