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11.10.1. astroML.fourier.FT_continuous

astroML.fourier.FT_continuous(t, h, axis=-1, method=1)[source]

Approximate a continuous 1D Fourier Transform with sampled data.

This function uses the Fast Fourier Transform to approximate the continuous fourier transform of a sampled function, using the convention

H(f) = \int h(t) exp(-2 \pi i f t) dt

It returns f and H, which approximate H(f).

Parameters :

t : array_like

regularly sampled array of times t is assumed to be regularly spaced, i.e. t = t0 + Dt * np.arange(N)

h : array_like

real or complex signal at each time

axis : int

axis along which to perform fourier transform. This axis must be the same length as t.

Returns :

f : ndarray

frequencies of result. Units are the same as 1/t

H : ndarray

Fourier coefficients at each frequency.