This documentation is for astroML version 0.2

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astroML.plotting.scatter_contour(x, y, levels=10, threshold=100, log_counts=False, histogram2d_args={}, plot_args={}, contour_args={}, ax=None)

Scatter plot with contour over dense regions

Parameters :

x, y : arrays

x and y data for the contour plot

levels : integer or array (optional, default=10)

number of contour levels, or array of contour levels

threshold : float (default=100)

number of points per 2D bin at which to begin drawing contours

log_counts :boolean (optional) :

if True, contour levels are the base-10 logarithm of bin counts.

histogram2d_args : dict

keyword arguments passed to numpy.histogram2d see doc string of numpy.histogram2d for more information

plot_args : dict

keyword arguments passed to pylab.scatter see doc string of pylab.scatter for more information

contourf_args : dict

keyword arguments passed to pylab.contourf see doc string of pylab.contourf for more information

ax : pylab.Axes instance

the axes on which to plot. If not specified, the current axes will be used