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11.8.4. astroML.correlation.bootstrap_two_point_angular

astroML.correlation.bootstrap_two_point_angular(ra, dec, bins, method='standard', Nbootstraps=10, random_state=None)[source]

Angular two-point correlation function

A separate function is needed because angular distances are not euclidean, and random sampling needs to take into account the spherical volume element.

Parameters :

ra : array_like

input right ascention, shape = (n_samples,)

dec : array_like

input declination

bins : array_like

bins within which to compute the 2-point correlation. shape = Nbins + 1

method : string

“standard” or “landy-szalay”.

Nbootstraps : int

number of bootstrap resamples

random_state : integer, np.random.RandomState, or None

specify the random state to use for generating background

Returns :

corr : ndarray

the estimate of the correlation function within each bin shape = Nbins

dcorr : ndarray

error estimate on dcorr (sample standard deviation of bootstrap resamples)

bootstraps : ndarray

The full sample of bootstraps used to compute corr and dcorr