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If you use the software, please consider citing astroML. astroML.density_estimation.FunctionDistribution

class astroML.density_estimation.FunctionDistribution(func, xmin, xmax, Nx=1000, random_state=None, func_args=None)

Generate random variables distributed according to an arbitrary function

Parameters :

func : function

func should take an array of x values, and return an array proportional to the probability density at each value

xmin : float

minimum value of interest

xmax : float

maximum value of interest

Nx : int (optional)

number of samples to draw. Default is 1000

random_state : None, int, or np.random.RandomState instance

random seed or random number generator

func_args : dictionary (optional)

additional keyword arguments to be passed to func


rvs(shape) Draw random variables from the distribution
__init__(func, xmin, xmax, Nx=1000, random_state=None, func_args=None)