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11.4.24. astroML.datasets.generate_mu_z

astroML.datasets.generate_mu_z(size=1000, z0=0.3, dmu_0=0.1, dmu_1=0.02, random_state=None, **kwargs)

Generate a dataset of distance modulus vs redshift.

Parameters :

size : int or tuple

size of generated data

z0 : float

parameter in redshift distribution: p(z) ~ (z / z0)^2 exp[-1.5 (z / z0)]

dmu_0, dmu_1 : float

specify the error in mu, dmu = dmu_0 + dmu_1 * mu

random_state : None, int, or np.random.RandomState instance

random seed or random number generator

**kwargs : :

additional keyword arguments are passed to the Cosmology function

Returns :

z, mu, dmu : ndarrays

arrays of shape size