WMAP plotting with HEALPixΒΆ

This example uses the astromL.datasets.fetch_wmap_temperatures() functionality to download and plot the raw WMAP 7-year data. The visualization requires the healpy package to be installed.

NSIDE = 512
ORDERING = NESTED in fits file
Ordering converted to RING
# Author: Jake VanderPlas <vanderplas@astro.washington.edu>
# License: BSD
#   The figure is an example from astroML: see http://astroML.github.com
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

# warning: due to a bug in healpy, importing it before pylab can cause
#  a segmentation fault in some circumstances.
import healpy as hp

from astroML.datasets import fetch_wmap_temperatures

# Fetch the wmap data
wmap_unmasked = fetch_wmap_temperatures(masked=False)

# plot the unmasked map
fig = plt.figure(1)
hp.mollview(wmap_unmasked, min=-1, max=1, title='Raw WMAP data',
            fig=1, cmap=plt.cm.jet, unit=r'$\Delta$T (mK)')