11.4.14. astroML.datasets.fetch_rrlyrae_mags

astroML.datasets.fetch_rrlyrae_mags(data_home=None, download_if_missing=True)[source]

Loader for RR-Lyrae data

data_homeoptional, default=None

Specify another download and cache folder for the datasets. By default all astroML data is stored in ‘~/astroML_data’.

download_if_missingoptional, default=True

If False, raise a IOError if the data is not locally available instead of trying to download the data from the source site.

datarecarray, shape = (483,)

record array containing imaging data


This data is from table 1 of Sesar et al 2010 ApJ 708:717


>>> from astroML.datasets import fetch_rrlyrae_mags
>>> data = fetch_rrlyrae_mags()  
>>> # number of objects in dataset
>>> data.shape