Source code for astroML.datasets.wmap_temperatures

import os
import numpy as np

from . import get_data_home
from .tools import download_with_progress_bar

DATA_URL = (''
MASK_URL = (''

[docs]def fetch_wmap_temperatures(masked=False, data_home=None, download_if_missing=True): """Loader for WMAP temperature map data Parameters ---------- masked : optional, default=False If True, then return the foreground-masked healpix array of data If False, then return the raw temperature array data_home : optional, default=None Specify another download and cache folder for the datasets. By default all astroML data is stored in '~/astroML_data'. download_if_missing : optional, default=True If False, raise a IOError if the data is not locally available instead of trying to download the data from the source site. Returns ------- data : np.ndarray or record array containing (masked) temperature data """ # because of a bug in healpy, pylab must be imported before healpy is # or else a segmentation fault can result. import healpy as hp data_home = get_data_home(data_home) data_file = os.path.join(data_home, os.path.basename(DATA_URL)) mask_file = os.path.join(data_home, os.path.basename(MASK_URL)) if not os.path.exists(data_file): if not download_if_missing: raise IOError('data not present on disk. ' 'set download_if_missing=True to download') data_buffer = download_with_progress_bar(DATA_URL) open(data_file, 'wb').write(data_buffer) data = hp.read_map(data_file) if masked: if not os.path.exists(mask_file): if not download_if_missing: raise IOError('mask data not present on disk. ' 'set download_if_missing=True to download') mask_buffer = download_with_progress_bar(MASK_URL) open(mask_file, 'wb').write(mask_buffer) mask = hp.read_map(mask_file) data = data.mask = np.logical_not(mask) # WMAP mask has 0=bad. We need 1=bad return data